Information for Instructors

What you’ll need to do

  • Participate in an online professional development workshop
  • Provide a description of your use of the videos in their classes (we will send a survey at the end of the semester)
  • Describe the study to your students at the beginning of the semester
  • Assign one or more Ximera sets for your students to complete as part of their regular class activities
  • Assign the Ximera Introduction (on Ximera) to your students
  • Assign the end-of-semester survey (on Ximera) to your students

How to assign videos using Ximera

All Ximera sets should be assigned by having students visit (NOT and clicking on the title of the assigned video set

Using Ximera

  • Instructors
    • Send us a class roster; we will return the roster with a user name and password for each student.
    • Students will be able to print a certificate after completing each Ximera set that shows their progress through the set. Instructors can ask students to submit this certificate to verify completion of the assignment.
    • The research team will create a folder on Google Drive for each instructor. This folder will contain a spreadsheet for each Ximera set students complete showing the date/time each student watched the videos and their score on the post-video questions. This folder will be updated daily every three hours (at hours congruent to 0 mod 3, Eastern US time). To access the folder, instructors should send their Google (or Google-connected) email address to Matt Thomas (
  • Students
    • To log in to Ximera, each student will receive a user name and password from their instructor.
    • Students need to log in to Ximera each time they start an assignment. This screenshot shows how to log in. After logging in, you can click the back button (usually a left-facing arrow) in your web browser to return to the assignment page.
    • After completing the work on a page–including watching a video–either click the blue “Save” at the top of the screen or wait for the button to switch to “Saved!”
    • Students can download a certificate of completion. Here are instructions for downloading a Ximera certificate in MS Word format and in PDF format.

Reading Ximera spreadsheet files

If you have sent us your Google-connected email address, you have access to a Google Drive folder with a collection of spreadsheets–one for each Ximera set that at least one of your students has completed. Each spreadsheet has 15 columns:

  • The first three columns show the student’s first name, last name, and username
  • “Date Started” is the date when the student started watching the videos
  • “Time Started” is the time (in Zulu time zone) when the student started watching the videos
  • “Video 0 Watched” shows the percent of Video 0 that the student watched. Only about 1/3 of students in a class see the Video 0, so all of the other students will have a “NA” in this column
  • The next three columns show the percent of each video that the student has watched. There are some Ximera sets that only have 1 or 2 videos; when Video 2 or 3 doesn’t exist for a particular set, there will be a “NA” in the column
  • The next column is an average of the percent complete of the video which were watched. This averages the video percentages among the videos which are available to the student. If they had a video 0 available to them, this will be averaged. If not, it will only average the videos available.
  • “Number Post Video Questions Correct” is the number of post-video questions answered correctly
  • “Percent Post Video Questions Correct” is the percentage of post-video questions answered correctly
  • “What was confusing” is the student’s response to the first question on the reflection page about what they found confusing in the video.
  • “Clip 1 Response” is the students’ response to what was occurring in video clip 1
  • “Clip 2 Response” is the students’ response to what was occurring in video clip 2
  • The next 11 columns are the number of tries it took for the student to get the correct answer on that the respective post-video question

Human subjects information

  • Instructors will need to complete a consent form.
  • Students will give consent (or not) to participate as part of the “Ximera Introduction.” Please emphasize to your students that they will be watching the videos and completing the tasks as part of their regular class activities; giving consent lets the researchers use their data to help students learn calculus.
  • Students who are younger than 18 years old will need to get parental consent to participate. We will provide a consent form soon.