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For each calculus topic, we create 1-4 short videos to explain the topic and provide examples. Then, we create questions for students to answer before and after watching the videos, and (depending on the details of the experimental design) also include various resources for the students to use prior to watching the videos.

Each collection of videos, questions, and interventions is hosted on the Ximera platform, which records students’ responses as well as how they interact with each video–the timestamps when they pause, play, skip, and complete watching each video.

We take all of these data and analyze them using quantitative and qualitative techniques to paint a picture of how students use and interact with the videos, what they learn from watching the videos, and how their usage is related to their learning.

The materials below are still rough drafts; final versions of all of the materials will be posted for the Fall, 2019 semester.

TopicStudent Problem-solving VersionOutline VersionControl Version
Intro page   
Graphing CROCLinkLinkLink
Graphing IncROCLinkLinkLink
Approximating InstROCLinkLinkLink
Differentiability and Local LinearityLinkLinkLink
Limit at a Point LinkLink
Limit Def of DerivativeLinkLinkLink
Using the Limit Definition of DerivativeLinkLinkLink
Interpreting DerivativesLinkLinkLink
Slopes of Secants and TangentsLinkLinkLink
Graphing DerivativesLinkLinkLink
Basic Derivative RulesLinkLinkLink
Product RuleLinkLinkLink
Quotient RuleLinkLinkLink
Chain RuleLinkLinkLink
L’Hopital’s RuleLinkLinkLink
Mean Value TheoremLinkLinkLink
Related RatesLinkLinkLink
Implicit DifferentiationLinkLinkLink
Optimization (Intro)LinkLinkLink
Optimization (Modeling)LinkLinkLink
Riemann Sums IntroLinkLinkLink
Riemann Sum NotationLinkLinkLink
Definite IntegralsLinkLinkLink
FTOC 1 - Integrals are AntiderivativesLinkLinkLink
FTOC 2 - Variable in BoundsLinkLinkLink
Survey page