LMS Modules

We have created modules that instructors can integrate into their LMS (learning management system). Each module include a set of pre-video questions, an intellectual need-provoking task and video, instructional videos, and post-video questions. These modules can be customized after importing into your LMS. You can download a file that includes all of the modules for Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, or Sakai. Our modules are also available individually via Canvas Commons.

Course Packages (Supported)

Course Packages (With Errata)

  • Please note that the packages linked below contain numerous typos and minor errors in the pre- and post-video questions. The Calcvids team doesn’t have access to Moodle or Brightspace, so we’re unable to fix these errors. Your best bet is to import either the Canvas or Blackboard files linked above. Alternatively, you can import the appropriate LMS file for your system and make the edits that are described in this file. If you do this and are willing to share your work, please contact us!
  • Moodle
  • Brightspace/D2L

User-Created Course Packages

  • Bryan Faulkner from Ferrum College has created Brightspace Quizzes for 15 of the Calcvids modules.
  • Mathilde Hitier from Dawson College has created a revised Moodle package that incorporates the fixes described above.

If you find an error in any of the materials, please submit it via this form.

Individual Modules via Canvas Commons

The modules linked below can be directly imported into Canvas via Canvas Commons. It is also possible to download the IMS Common Cartridge file from Canvas Commons for import into other learning management systems, although images and embedded YouTube videos might not be formatted properly.

TopicLink to Canvas Commons Module
Constant Rates of ChangeCanvas Commons Link
Graphing Constant Rate of ChangeCanvas Commons Link
Varying Rates of ChangeCanvas Commons Link
Graphing Varying Rates of ChangeCanvas Commons Link
Average Rates of ChangeCanvas Commons Link
Approximating Instantaneous Rates of ChangeCanvas Commons Link
ContinuityCanvas Commons Link
Differentiability and Local LinearityCanvas Commons Link
Limit at a PointCanvas Commons Link
Limit LawsCanvas Commons Link
Limit Definition of DerivativeCanvas Commons Link
Using the Limit Definition of DerivativeCanvas Commons Link
Interpreting DerivativesCanvas Commons Link
Slopes of Secant and Tangent LinesCanvas Commons Link
Graphing DerivativesCanvas Commons Link
Basic Derivative RulesCanvas Commons Link
The Product RuleCanvas Commons Link
The Quotient RuleCanvas Commons Link
The Chain RuleCanvas Commons Link
l'Hopital's RuleCanvas Commons Link
Mean Value TheoremCanvas Commons Link
Related RatesCanvas Commons Link
Implicit DifferentiationCanvas Commons Link
Introduction to OptimizationCanvas Commons Link
Optimization: Algebraic ModelingCanvas Commons Link
Introduction to Riemann SumsCanvas Commons Link
Riemann Sum NotationCanvas Commons Link
Definite IntegralsCanvas Commons Link
AntiderivativesCanvas Commons Link
The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Part 1Canvas Commons Link
The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Part 2Canvas Commons Link
U-SubstitutionCanvas Commons Link
The S-I-R ModelCanvas Commons Link
Introduction to Euler's MethodCanvas Commons Link
Introduction to (Linear) Differential EquationsCanvas Commons Link