LMS Modules

We are working on creating modules that instructors can integrate into their LMS (learning management system). Each module include a set of pre-video questions, an intellectual need-provoking task and video, instructional videos, and post-video questions. These modules can be customized after importing into your LMS.

These materials Coming Soon!!!

Constant Rates of Change
Graphing Constant Rate of Change
Varying Rates of Change
Graphing Varying Rates of Change
Average Rates of Change
Approximating Instantaneous Rates of Change
Differentiability and Local Linearity
Limit Definition of Derivative
Using the Limit Definition of Derivative
Interpreting Derivatives
Slopes of Secant and Tangent Lines
Graphing Derivatives
Basic Derivative Rules
The Product Rule
The Quotient Rule
The Chain Rule
l'Hopital's Rule
Mean Value Theorem
Related Rates
Implicit Differentiation
Introduction to Optimization
Optimization: Algebraic Modeling
Introduction to Riemann Sums
Riemann Sum Notation
Definite Integrals
The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Part 1
The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Part 2