The Calculus Video Project is an NSF-funded project Investigating Student Learning and Sense-Making from Instructional Calculus Videos (awards DUE #1712312, DUE #1711837 and DUE #1710377).

The growing interest in progressive instructional formats such as “flipped” and “blended” classrooms has made video lessons an increasingly prominent component of post-secondary mathematics curricula. However, relatively little is known about how students watch and learn from instructional videos.

The goals of the Calculus Video Project are to conduct design research to generate knowledge about how students engage with, make sense of, and learn from videos that address foundational calculus concepts. The project team is creating, refining, and disseminating materials for creating video lessons for post-secondary introductory calculus courses; collecting data to analyze the aspects of the videos that students attend to; determining how students make sense of the videos; identifying what students learn from watching the videos; and investigating the impact on student learning of various ways of structuring students’ video- watching experience.

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